22 de enero de 2015

Review:Idisina :The Black Rider by Daniela Giulia Traub, Ortal Maria Tiurin

By Yamilet  Gutierrez

Disclosure:This is a review in exchange of a book thanks to Tomoson.

The Black Rider was an original comic character back in the 1940's.Of course this story is not based in the Marvel Comics.The Marvel comics was set in the western era of cowbloys.This story is completly different.
Marvel comic is in the age of cowboys.Was a Zorro like character.[Batman is a character based in EL Zorro]
The modern Black Rider is different from that 1940's character.
Is not set in the old west.
Is in imaginary town call Idisina.Rules by bad woman.Injustice is everywhere.The first 
thing you see is the dead of the husband of one of the town prophetess  Silver Bead.The fury of Daniel.He try to kill the ruler of this town.A beautifull woman.He can't.
And then you see the queen of this kingdom.A  wicked witch
 and her daughters.
All in a greek like fantasy.
Have a lot of good greek like mitology 
I hope you enjoy this book as
 much as i did.
Here is my Goodreads review  here .
Amazon review here

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