30 de octubre de 2014

5 tips for a good latino meal

By Yamilet Gutierrez

Puerto Rico style sofrito

Iam going to make this post in english and another in spanish.
Americans, how to deal with latino food?Latinos don't eat like americans.But we latinos knows how to eat.If you want to impress your latinos friends,take note to these tips.

  • La Sazon is very important:Latinos have a special seasoning call Sazon.Sazon is a blend of  spices.Some include Achiote,that give color to the food.Oregano,recao and other latin americans spices.
  • Hot,hot,hot and spicy:If your friends are from Mexico and centroamerica spice food is important.From Jalapeño to the famous Chile.And please,mexican food is more than tacos and burritos.
  • Sofrito:Sofrito is a blend of ingredients like tomato,herbs ,spices,garlic and other ingredients that we put at the begining of the cook.
  • Frituras:A latino party is nothing without a proper fritura.A lot of variety including empanadas,arepas,rellenos and a lot of yummi stuff that doctor don't want us to eat that.But we don't care.
  • Pork;Latinos love pork.From puertorican Carne frita to mexican Cochinita pibi,we love to eat them.And we have our own  recipe.

I like a phrase americans have comfort food.Comfort food is mom cooking.La abuela recipe that we missed a lot.And latino food have a lot of that.I hope you enjoy those tips.

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