Soul Mates: How to Find and Keep True Love Review.

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

Note:Iam a born again christian.This is not an endorsement to the new age movement.

I was choose to review a book call:Soul Mates:How to find and keep your true love.I  wasn't aware that this is a New era book teaching.Iam a christian,i don't believe in N.A.However i read this book with the idea of:take the good and leave what is not.

I gave a four star in Goodreads;

Why this book attract me?Because talks about soul mates and i want to find mine.
I don't believe in new age .The book have a whole chapter about comunication with the soul of dead people.Iam a christian and the bible forbid that.So ,i don't read 
it.But i like others chapters,like the one who talk about woman with more than 40 years old [like me].
And the book most important teaching is that beauty doesn't matter.Is inside what really counts.
If you're a christian and want to read it,ask your leader if you have any question about the books teaching .
The book present clear ideas,while others are a little confused.
I like to read that kind of book to see what other beliefs thinks about .
The author is a Israeli woman
 ; her name is Iris Gateggno.

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