12 de enero de 2015

Review:Ash's Fire by Calli Gold

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

Warning :This is an  adult book for adults 18 plus.Intense graphic sex
This is a review in exchange of a book with Tomoson.See my Goodreads review here.
I love to read.You don't have any idea how much i enjoy books.This one is excellent adult book.
Have you ever hear about open marriages?This book  is about that.A sucessfull lawyer couple.In the middle age crisis.Living in Israel.One day the husband wake up with the idea about having sex with other woman that is not his wife.20 years of marriage and one day he decide his wife is not enough.They make a pact about not falling inlove of this person.The woman  have a jealous crisis so she decide to cheat too.This books is great.Very intensive.I even listen to Bach reading this.If you enjoy adult reading,read this one.


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