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18 artistas top latinos de los 90's

Quien no recuerda los 90's?Ya sea que bailastes al son de la lambada, de la macarena . Llorastes de emocion con la llamada salsa sensual? Bailastes con  el pelo suelto o tuvistes una experiencia religiosa? Estos son los tops artistas de los 90's.

Review :Day - Use:Dalia Rosenfeld book

By Yamilet Gutierrez

Disclosure:I only make reviews on products i use.I make this review in colaboration with Tomoson.
Somenthing is in the air Saturdays morning.I don't know  why i love them.Have a different smell that the rest of the week.I don't know why i love to read books saturdays morning.
One of this book iam reading is Day -use;Sex,secrets and storie.Iam enjoying the reading.
Is a rag to riches story.A woman have everything but she suddenly loose the love of her life.The world is upside down.She don't know what to do.But she see that somenthing strange happen to her husband.Other wifes in Israel are suffering the same as her.Men dying in a secret military service.
She had everything but then loose the love of her life,what she can do?
Then a wacky idea emerge.Make a Day-use unit.
Day -use are unit to lovers spend some hours alone.In Puerto Rico we call them Motels.
The author is a Israel blogger call Dalia Rosenfield,read her blog here:The times for Israel
I hope you enjoy this book.Tell me if you read it!


dalia rosenfeld dijo…
with your help - the next bestseller.....
This is my Amazon review;

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