Sand, Sound & Soul: Sealing Your Wedding With A Personalized Unity Sand Ceremony by Sharon Vaz

Por Yamilet Gutierrez

Discolosure:I make this review in exchange of a product thanks to Tomoson.This is my most honest review of the item.

Do you know what is a Unity Sand Ceremony?Me either until i read the Sharon Vaz book Sand ,Sound and Soul.

This is a Ceremony that can be part of you traditional wedding ceremony.Is good for outside weddings,but can be made in a church too.
In other parts of the world they have rituals with sand in their ceremony.
This is not a religious ritual.
I don't want to tell you more.Read the book!
You can even find the vase for the ceremony online.If you want to buy one here is this one:David Bridals .com
Ceremonies in other parts of the world!
You can find others wedding ceremony rituals from Hawaii to Native American Indians!

Here is a video your enjoy about how to perform a wedding ceremony.The rest you can find it in the book!


Remember to buy the book in Amazon for your Kindle Sand,Sound and Soul.

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