31 de enero de 2015

Waves of romance :Lori Ann Mitchell

By Yamilet Gutierrez

Disclosure:I making these reviews in exchange of  a book.Thanks to Tomoson.This is my honest opinion about it.
Warning: This book is for 18 years old and older adults.
I give you my review about the firts book of the surfer Lori Ann Mitchell series.This is the second book .

The Book Waves of love end with Derek and Sage begining of their romance.A few months later we saw the first struggle for this couple.A blond bimbo call Colby enter in the scene.
The begining of this book was with Derek and Sage happy.Having great sex together.And the a bitch enter in the scen,Colby.
In the middle of thebook you read Derek having sex with Colby but wasn't the same.
And you hate Derek,and you hate Colby.
But if you want to know more,what was Sage reaction,then read this book.
A good book to read on the beach!

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