Home made remedies for allergy seasons

By Yamilet Gutierrez
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Summer time!Most of people associate allergies with spring!But in Puerto rico we have an event call:Dust of the Saharah Desert in summer.In that time,allergies gets worts!
Of course you don't only look bad ,but feel worst! In my case my face get red, and my lips cracked!I felt awful during summer.My hair is a mess during that season!And this years was worsts than ever!
Products like ZYRTEC® make your day!But there are others home made remedies a use to combat allergys during summer!

In my case a plant call echinacea help me a lot fighting with the allergies.

You can take this plant like a tea or in capsules as a dietary suplement.Better check with a doctor if you're not allergy to this plant.
The other product that help me with cracked lips is lip butter.This product is excelent because when you put it they give you a shine and beautiful color to your lips and put them very soft!
The makers of  ZYRTEC® have partenered with fashion blogger Carmen Ordoñez of Viva Fashion blog to help woman combat ALLERGY FACE™ .
Things you most know:
96% of women suffer allergies!
That's why ZYRTEC® and ALLERGY FACE™ upload a set of videos with Carmen Ordoñez,so you don't have an excuse to look bad during allergy season.
Carmen Ordoñez make up tips includes in the video:
How to Disguise a Red Nose: Use a foundation or bronzer with a dewy or shimmery finish instead of a matte finish, which will only highlight dryness. To help offset redness around your nose, apply a corrector or primer with a green tint, followed by your foundation. How to Contour a Puffy Face: Using an angle brush, apply a bronzer with brown undertones parallel to your jawline to help contour your face. Make sure it’s only one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone as you don’t want to overdo it. Add a pearly nude eye shadow to the top of your cheekbones to help them stand out. This will help distract from your ALLERGY FACE™ and illuminate your face. How to Distract from Watery Eyes: Dab a white or silver shimmery eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Draw attention away from puffy eyes by defining your upper lids with a navy liquid liner. Go for a stylish cat eye, which is a favorite among celebrities and has been all over the fashion runways. Start at the inner corner of your eye and create a wing effect once you get to the outer corner of your eye.
Here is Carmen video and don't forget to follow here on twitter:@vivafashion and visit her blog
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